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Vaccination Pearls of wisdom

In preparation for Fall celebrations, our pets are often scheduled for grooming and boarding appointments.

Please keep in mind that reputable groomers and kennels usually require our dogs and cats are current on their parasite preventive and vaccinations, including the kennel cough, or Bordetella vaccine for dogs. The condition we refer to as kennel cough is actually a complex of viral and bacterial infections that are easily spread by aerosol(airborne) droplets through coughing or sneezing, and cause signs similar to the flu in humans, such as a fever, lethargy, severe coughing and discharge from the eyes and nose. Kennel cough is easily prevented by vaccinations from your dog's veterinarian if you have plans to board, have them groomed, or visit the dog park. Part of your dog's yearly core DA2PP vaccine also helps protect against part of the kennel cough complex. Several types of kennel cough vaccine are available (intranasal, oral and injectable) which protect your dog from 6 to 12 months depending on the type. Please discuss the length of protection with your veterinarian to determine the appropriate vaccines for your dog.

Cats also have their own barrage of upper respiratory infections which they are protected against by their yearly FVRCP vaccination.

Please not the core upper respiratory infection vaccines are important even if your pets don't associate with large numbers of animals, and are second only to the yearly rabies vaccine.

BE ADVISED, THIS OCTOBER THERE IS A RABIES ALERT IN WALTON COUNTY, FL!!!!!! Ensure your pets are protected by their veterinarian- administered rabies vaccine. A home- administered rabies vaccine is not legally recognized and may result in the spread of disease, pet quarantine or even euthanasia!

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