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At Best Pals Pet Resort, your pup will get the pampered vacation they deserve! Our luxury pet resort is the perfect home away from home for your four-legged friend, with additional services including dog walks, pond hopping and even bath time.

Send your pup on a paw-some adventure with Dog walks and swimming.
Image by Mitchell Orr

At Best Pals Pet Resort, boredom is a foreign concept. Our curated selection of activities ensures that every pet's personality is catered to.


From energetic playtime in our spacious outdoor playgrounds to serene walks amidst lush gardens, to take laps in the spring fed pond there's something to ignite joy in every wagging tail.


Prices are as follows:

10 minute walk - $20.00 per dog

20 minute walk - $30.00 per dog

Pamper Your Pooch: The Dog Bath at It's Best
Dog bath.jpg

Let your furry friend indulge in the pinnacle of relaxation with our spa retreat services. Pamper them with warm baths with massages, facials, and even paw-dicures (yes, you read that right!).


We believe that every pet deserves a day at the spa, and our skilled pet therapists are here to make it happen.


Price by weight:

5 - 20 lbs = $25.00

21 - 35 lbs= $30.00

36 - 50 lbs= $35.00

51 - 99 lbs = $40.00

100 lbs + = $45.00

Nail Trim: $20.00 per dog

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